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Lunor Combi Collection | Blink Optical

Jan 24, 2014 | Uncategorized

Lunor Combi Collection

Who’s looking for the Lunor Combi collection?  Blink Optical has had many requests for this particular Lunor frmae that we are considering January the “Lunor Combi Revival”.  The Lunor Combi collection consists for five basic styles.  The original Lunor Combi has a softer shape with acetate top and metal bottom.  This frame is unique as it has  thicker acetate temples and nosepads.  The Combi II is a bit more rectangular with thinner acetate temples and nosepads.  The Combi III has an even rounder, deeper shape with thin acetate temples.  The Lunor Combi IV is unique because it has a full acetate front and bridge but still has the fully adjustable nosepads.  The Lunor Combi V is very distinct as it is the only Lunor Combi without nosepads.  It still has the metal lower rims on the front but everything else is acetate.  Lunor considers the Imperial and the Prestige II part of this collection even though they possess a very different look.  The Imperial has an all acetate front with titanium temples and the Prestige II is in a class all it’s own with acetate temples and acetate rims encased in metal.  The Lunor Combi is available at Blink Optical.  Contact us with any additional questions regarding the entire Lunor collection.

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