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What’s Blac & Blue And Stylish All Over? Blac +4 Sunglasses

Jan 17, 2014 | Uncategorized


Here at Blink Optical, we’ve seen it all in regards to funky, unusual sunglasses.  The Blac +4 did not disappoint our fashion preferences.  The Blac +4 sunglass is part of the Limited Show collection from Blac.  This is amusing because many consider the entire Blac line part of an exclusive limited show collection as it’s frames are difficult to find.  Blink Optical has been an authorized Blac dealer for a while and is one of the few retailers in the Midwest.  So what exactly are we looking at in the Blac +4?  Blac is the creator of the “original carbon fiber frame” and the Blac + collection is comprised of carbon fiber temples, titanium hinges, and laser-cut fronts made of Blac’s exclusive polyamide material PP22.  This combination of materials ensures that the Blac +4 sunglass is lightweight and extremely durable.  Beyond the materials and durability, we have the style.  The Blac +4 has an over-sized wayfarer look with laser-cut symmetrical square holes, giving the sunglass frame an almost web-like appearance.  Blac has given us a frame that should unite all those looking for advanced technology and those craving fashion.  Stop in Blink Optical for a personalized introduction to the Blac +4 Limited Show collection.

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