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Battle The Polar Vortex With Hot Mykita Sunglasses

Jan 6, 2014 | Uncategorized


Battling the Polar Vortex got you down?  Do you live in Chicago and wish you lived somewhere more hospitable right now?  Are your eyelashes frozen shut from crying in frustration at the bitter cold?  Forget about it and get into some hot Mykita sunglasses, namely the Mykita Tyrone.  The Mykita Tyrone is a big, bad modified aviator, perfect to show this Polar Vortex who’s boss.  We’ve chosen to showcase color 51 (shiny chrome) as it’s the iciest of the Mykita colors.  The thick temples and front wrap will keep the arctic wind at bay and the gradient brown sunlens will protect you from the relentless snow glare.  The temperatures all over the Midwest might be heavy but the Tyrone is anything but.  The stainless steel material combined with the patented solderless/screwless hinge guarantee that the Mykita Tyrone won’t drag you down.  As for the Polar Vortex, no worries……the sun is still shining which means everyday is a great day to update your sunglass look.  Check out the Mykita Tyrone and all the new releases from Mykita at Blink Optical.  Oh yeah…..Stella, Michael, and Ethan.  You can’t hide in beautiful warm Florida forever.  See you soon ~xoxox Polar Vortex.

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