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Hugh Jackman Wears Salt. Lester | Wolverine Sunglasses

Dec 10, 2013 | Uncategorized


So Hugh Jackman plays Wolverine and nails it as the tortured superhero mutant.  Guess what?  Hugh Jackman is also a very dapper man about town wearing Salt. Sunglasses Lester.  Blink LOVES a man who wears a scarf!  The Salt. Lester is a titanium modified aviator sunglass designed in the US and manufactured in Japan.  We call it a modified aviator as it strays from the conventional aviator shape which is teardrop shaped and translates square.  Either way, an aviator is truely defined by the double bridge bar which lends style and stability.  The titanium material assures the this Salt. sunglass is ultra light-weight and hypoallergenic.  Salt. manufactures all it’s sunglasses with polarized lenses……….standard.  Salt. sunglasses appeal to the stylish and the sporty due to the combination of fashion and versatility.  Kudos to The Wolverine on his style prowess.  Salt. sunglasses and Salt. eyeglasses, including the Salt. Lester, are available at Blink Optical, Lake Forest’s superhero/mutant destination for all optical needs.

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