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Samuel L. Jackson Wears Entourage of 7 Hans

Dec 4, 2013 | Uncategorized


Well, well, well……if it isn’t Samuel L. Jackson wearing the stylish new Entourage of 7 release Hans.  Samuel L. Jackson has long been our radar as an uber-consumer of eyewear, but he keeps popping up with frames that are a little off the mainstream.  Jackson has been seen in Alain Mikli, Gold & Wood, 2.5, and ic! Berlin.  Now we meet again with a common appreciation of Blink Optical’s newest addition:   Entourage of 7.  Entourage of 7 is a modern eyewear company that blends Southern Cali vibes with Danish ingenuity.  You combine these two traits and manufacture in Japan and you have the makings of the newest frame craze.  Of the many blogs we’ve penned regarding Samuel’s need for optical couture, I have to say that we like the frame company but aren’t crazy about the frame selection.  If Mr. Jackson strolled into Blink, we’d have suggested the Entourage of 7 Kyle in color 07-05 (red).  I bit more befitting of a man not afraid to wear color with grace and coolness.  Stop by Blink for a personalized introduction to Entourage of 7.  This invitation includes you Mr. Jackson, but please be aware that you will have to run lines from Pulp Fiction while buying large quantities of unique frames that only Blink can provide.

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