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Bent Out Of Shape | Mykita Bent In Orange

Nov 27, 2013 | Uncategorized

Mykita Bent "Lite"

Mykita is one of Blink Optical’s hottest lines and the Mykita Bent is no exception.  This Mykita frame comes in a variety of colors including gold, silver, and graphite.  Great colors but where’s the fun and challenge?  Blink Optical likes to up the stakes and choose the most interesting colors that a frame line offers…..enter the Mykita Bent in color orange (Capriorange).  This is truly an orange an orange frame.  Now, we don’t get many requests for orange but that’s because many people don’t know that an orange frame is perfect for them.  Mykita did it right by including this unique color in the array of this frame.  The Mykita Bent in the “Lite” collection is a classic aviator shape with the distinctive “Lite” thin look with the Mykita Signature screw-less and solder-less design.  If you are ready to step out of the shadow of black, brown, and tortoise frames, check out the Mykita Bent and embrace your orange side.

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