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Alain Mikli AL1010 | Limited Edition For A Reason

Nov 26, 2013 | Uncategorized

Alain Mikli Al1010

Is it possible to have too much color?  Alain Mikli doesn’t think so and created the Alain Mikli AL1010 to prove that there is no such thing as “too colorful”.  The Alain Mikli AL1010 is the embodiment of all things Mikli.  The shape is a classic for this collection: thick cat-eye with thick temples.  The Alain Mikli AL1010 has the patented Alain Mikli spring which feels extremely natural and conforms to fit virtually anyone.  Lastly, this Alain Mikli frame smacks of boldness.  But why has such an exquisite frame earned the categorization of “Limited Edition”?  The variations of color are unprecedented!  Black, red, orange, and yellow……. come on who can sell this piece let alone wear it?  Easy.  Blink can sell it and YOU can wear it.  Never be afraid of color.  This is the point of Alain Mikli and why he creates Limited Edition frames.  It reminds us that we can wear color and that we should wear color.  Stop by Blink Optical and find your color.

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