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King Baby Man Jewelry | Leather & Silver Snake Link Bracelet

Nov 15, 2013 | Uncategorized


Many debates rage on but none as heated as the man jewelry debate.  Many say that real men don’t wear jewelry.  Well…King Baby and Blink Optical beg to differ.  Now, not all men can wear all types of jewelry.  First, the jewelry must be worn appropriately in appropriate settings.  The office or a PTO meeting might not be the appropriate place to debut your masculine bling.  Save it for the club, a third date, or family holiday gatherings.  Nothing brings a family closer than Uncle Bob’s dynamite new King Baby Leather & Silver Snake Link Bracelet.  The above showcased bracelet is constructed of sterling silver and black leather.  All King Baby products are handmade in the USA.  Second, be sure to match your personality with the correct jewelry piece.  Nothing makes people more uncomfortable than tiny men wearing big rings.  Perhaps a pendant or a leather bracelet would be more believable.  Lastly, be sure to buy your new man jewelry at a reputable store, like Blink Optical.  Blink will help you navigate the sometimes confusing waters of man accessories and guide you towards the perfect King Baby match.  King Baby is also a great gift for the upcoming holidays.

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