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Vladimir Putin Wears Cartier Sunglasses Neil T8200716

Nov 14, 2013 | Uncategorized


So relations with Russia could be described as strained of late.  Vladimir Putin can be a difficult man to to interpret and he makes little effort to appear approachable or friendly.  Here at Blink, we stay out of the political arena and stick to what we know…..optical fashion!  Looks like Putin does has a weakness for stylish sunwear.  The Russian president has been spotted wearing the Cartier Neil T8200716 on several occasions.  Unfortunately, he was not wearing a smile.  Oh well, a frown can be fashionable as well.  The Cartier Neil is a sleek modified aviator with a tapered, soft rectangle shape, metal double-bar front and comfortable rubberized temples.  The lenses are a wonderful brown polarized with an anti reflective on the back.  Not that Putin has anything to hide, but if he did, the Cartier T8200716 is the most couture way to do it.  Cartier sunglasses and eyeglasses are available at Blink Optical, an authorized dealer.

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