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Chris Brown In Trouble Again | SUPER Sunglasses

Nov 6, 2013 | Uncategorized


Chris Brown is in trouble again but it’s definitely not with the fashion police.  Don’t worry Rihanna is safe but Mr. Brown got caught being a little surly after a night of carousing.  If he’s looking for a place to ride this out, what better hideout than a stylish pair of SUPER sunglasses.  One can ward off the flash of paparazzi cameras with SUPER Zeiss lenses while still showing your good side with their fashionable frames.  SUPER debuted in 2007 as an eyewear company looking to make a name for itself with interesting form and color while keeping the price-points well below competitors.  SUPER sunglasses are designed and handmade in Italy and grace the famous faces of many of our Hollywood royalty.  Unfortunately, as there is no accounting for taste, there is also no accounting for pop divas behaving badly.  Check out all the new SUPER releases at Blink Optical and www.blinkoptic.com.

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