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Paris Hilton Wears Lindberg Sunglass 8550

Nov 5, 2013 | Uncategorized


Well, not much is heard about Paris Hilton anymore.  She’s no longer splashed across the pages of the tabloids seen hanging out with party girls who have a hard time exiting limos in a lady-like fashion.  This doesn’t mean she hasn’t been busy.  She’s still a top American socialite gracing us with her presence in the modeling, acting, producing and DJ arenas.  Yes, I said DJ.  All of these things are interesting and amazingly entrepreneurial, however, they all pale in comparison to what she has chosen as her preferred sunwear.  Paris Hilton wears LINDBERG sunglasses!  There……I’ve said it.  Someone who you think would only be seen in “name” sunwear like Chanel, Tom Ford, or Prada has made the right choice and was photographed the LINDBERG sunglass 8550.  LINDBERG has always been a bit more function than fashion but now they can claim both!  Function + Fashion = Fabulous!  Stop by Blink Optical for all your LINDBERG needs.

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