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Halloween Candy Too Sweet | Add Some Salt. Hayley

Nov 2, 2013 | Uncategorized


Halloween is over but the candy remains.  Many of us may have over-indulged our sweet tooth yesterday or maybe we stayed up a bit too late watching scary movies.  Whatever your Halloween hangover symptoms may be……Blink has the cure.  Blink prescribes the Salt. Hayley sunglass to hide those tired, sugar coated eyes.  Add some Salt. when things seem to sweet to show your sunglass taste.  The Salt. Hayley is a bold, retro new release from this California eyewer designer.  Salt. kept it simple with a with basic black and a panto shape with thicker, contemporary temples.  Oh, did we mention that the lenses are polarized.  All Salt. sun lenses are polarized, it’s this manufacturer’s signature.  So if you’re tired out from too much Halloween fun, slip into a new pair of Japanese zyl shades courtesy of Salt. Optics.  All Salt. products are available at Blink Optical and shop online at blinkoptic.com.

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