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Escape Plan Movie | 50 Cent In Gold & Wood (Again)

Oct 25, 2013 | Uncategorized


So Blink Optical is no stranger to Gold & Wood eyepieces and Gold & Wood eyepieces are no stranger to 50 Cent.  These two unlikely bedfellows have paired more than once in life and in the pages of the Blink Optical blog.  If so unlikely, why does 50 Cent keep getting caught wearing one of the industries most couture, exclusive eyewear brands?  This time, Sly Stallone and the new blockbuster film Escape Plan played a hand.  Interestingly enough, Stallone is also a huge Gold & Wood fan (coincidence?).  The film’s plot is somewhat predictable but you can count of 50 to breathe some gritty life into anything.  Catch the film and catch our fav rapper/actor/fashion horse 50 Cent wearing a new release eyepiece from Gold & Wood.  Check out Blink Optical’s extensive collection of Gold & Wood eyepieces and Gold & Wood sunpieces.

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