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American Horror Story 3 | Face a Face Ebony 1

Oct 10, 2013 | Uncategorized


Anyone who is interesting knows that the premiere of American Horror Story 3 Coven was last night.  Blink is a big fan and Blink has given it a big thumbs up.  One of the reoccurring stars of this show is Frances Conroy.  She’s creepy, spooky, and AWESOME!  In this season premiere, she had a brief cameo but the message came through loud and clear……..she has great taste in eyewear!  Big, black, cat-eyes are all the rage and it’s great to see they will have a presence in this amazing show.  Want to steal this look?  Blink figured as much.  Check out the Face a Face Ebony 1 in color 400.  It’s a handmade uber-catty frame that is available in a variety of  unique colors.  The feature frame is black if you want to keep lock-step with AHS.  Get witchy with your own Face a Face Ebony 1 at our boutique in Lake Forest or online at www.blinkoptic.com.

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