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Breaking Bad Eyeglasses | Breaking Blink

Oct 3, 2013 | Uncategorized

walteyeglassesThe phenomenal dramatic series Breaking Bad has ended.  It has left many fans with many questions.  Here at Blink Optical, we choose to focus on the most important one:  What is up with Walter White’s eyeglasses?  For most of the show we are forced to deal with the monstrosity frame that a trained eye can see are merely safety frames sans safety shields.  They serve as a constant reminder of Mr. White’s actual self, just like his odd shoes and plaid shirts.  Any optician worth their salt spends a majority of the hour wanting to adjust them.  Then, just like that, a breath of fresh frame.  Walt has a more contemporary look with a beard, hair, and………..acetate frames!  Either this is a major wardrobe malfunction or the eyeglasses represent much, much more.  Walt’s metamorphosis, his “breaking bad”,  isn’t just psychological and spiritual, it’s fashionable.  One of the answered questions of this mega-drama is that at the very end of everything……..one must acquire better eyewear.  Stop by Blink to discuss Breaking Bad plot twists and pick out own pair of “breaking fashion” eyeglasses.  You don’t have to be bad to look good.

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