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Cartier T8100904 Colorado Horn | Most Desired Eyeglass

Sep 25, 2013 | Uncategorized


Are  you curious to know the most searched eyeglass frame on Blink Optical?  No surprises, the Cartier T8100904 Colorado Horn wins hands down!  This Cartier frame has been searched and clicked on almost 2,000 times.  Now, we know the Colorado Horn frame is sleek, sexy, and manufactured with hand-polished buffalo horn.  We know this Cartier name exudes class and exclusivity.  We also know that authentic Cartier eyewear is hard to find and much sought after…..but 2,000 times.  Wow!  Blink Optical is happy to boast one of the most comprehensive Cartier collections in the Chicagoland area.  We exhibit the latest 2013 Fall/Winter releases in our own Cartier case.  If you’re curious to meet the most popular guest at our party, stop by Blink Optical for a personalized introduction to the Cartier T8100904 Colorado Horn and the best of the Cartier collection.

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