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Blink Is Back In Blac | Blac Beckett In Raw Carbon

Sep 24, 2013 | Uncategorized


Have you been looking for Blac eyewear?  Were you planning a trip to Denmark just to get your hands on these elusive frames?  Look no further!  Your friendly upscale Lake Forest boutique, Blink Optical, has done all the leg work for you.  We have traveled to the optical shows, we’ve met with the sales reps, and we have selected the best of the Blac 2013-2014 collection.  The new release Blac eyeglasses and sunglasses are FABULOUS!  Blac has also revamped some of their solid sellers in new colors to entice new and old Blac clientele.  The Blac Beckett is a previously released, all carbon frame Blink has showcased before.  Blac has released it in a new color:  raw carbon.  Raw carbon is the same hue as the carbon color but has a more textured look, you can almost feel the cross-hatch of the carbon material in the opposing lines.  It’s the Becket, just more stylized.  Looking for Blac?  You’ve found it!  Visit Blink Optical in Lake Forest or at www.blinkoptic.com for more details.

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