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All Wood Rimless Eyeglass Frame | Gold & Wood Lyre

Sep 9, 2013 | Uncategorized


Want all wood with a lighter look?  Gold & Wood has released the Lyre.  This new release frame from Gold & Wood combines the bold look of exotic wood with the clean lines of a rimless design.  Did we mention that it is a cat-eye?  Longtime Gold & Wood fans will appreciate the fact that the brand is holding true to it’s “nature”, so to speak, by continuing to find new ways to redesign wooden eyewear.  Constructing a rimless frame made entirely of wood allows the wearer to enjoy the organic feel of a Gold and Wood piece without giving up a minimal style.  Blink Optical is a huge fan of Gold & Wood.  They design unique pieces that add luxury and depth to our expanding collections of exclusive eyewear.  Blink Optical invites you to indulge yourself and stop by and view our personalized selection of Gold & Wood.

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