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Carbon Fiber Eyeglasses | Blac From Denmark

Aug 29, 2013 | Uncategorized


Looking for a more modern, stylish alternative to titanium?  Carbon fiber eyeglasses are durable and light while maintaining a bold, more contemporary look.  The carbon fiber eyewear line Blink Optical prefers is Blac.  Blac is manufactured in Denmark and every frame is made to order, meaning they don’t hold stock.  Blac creates every carbon fiber frame once it is ordered, assuring that each piece in the collection is made specifically for the person wearing it.  Carbon fiber is not only light as air, they mimic the look of a plastic frame.  The  nose pads and adjustable temple tips ensure that each Blac frame can be worn with maximum comfort.  Blac is not easy to find but you can find it here.  Blink Optical is the only authorized Blac dealer in the Midwest.  Stop by Blink Optical today to view our extensive Blac collection.

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