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Blink Optical Cyber-Styles Miley Cyrus

Aug 27, 2013 | Uncategorized



So I know it might be too soon.  The VMA’s were last night but the Miley Cyrus buzz is just so hot right now.  Here at Blink, we don’t judge.  She may have just done the best thing or the worst thing for her career, we don’t judge.  We do know that certain people should not twerk and Miley is one of those certain people.  Here at Blink, we stick to things we know and we know how to choose sunglasses!  For Miley we have chosen something very special.  Miss Cyrus has gone wild and needs a pair of sunglasses to match her energy.  The Cartier Pantere Wild T8200871 is a large cat-eye with gold-tone temples that appear to be biting the the front of the frame.  Yikes!  Sexy, dangerous………..crazy?  Nope, it’s just Cartier.  Stop by Blink Optical and view our extensive Cartier collection.  Miley, you’re welcome to stop by but we are a family establishment…..no twerking!

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