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What’s Black And Red and Sparkles All Over? | Lafont Louxor

Aug 14, 2013 | Uncategorized


Lafont has succeeded in bring the sexy once again!  The Lafont Louxor is a large woman’s frame made of zyl, inlaid with titanium and sprinkled with stones.  Lafont designed this frame with nose pads for easy adjustment to the perfect fit.  Lafont is renowned for it’s design, quality, and value.  The Lafont Louxor is no exception.  You won’t find another frame this season with the same style and swagger.  The Louxor is not the sunglass for just anyone…..The Lafont Louxor demands to be worn on very special occasions with the perfect outfit.  Blink recommends this frame for anyone who has a summer event and needs to compliment their little black dress with some eye swag.  Visit Blink Optical for the latest Lafont releases.


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