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Why Can’t I Find Lunor | Blink Optical Can Help

Aug 8, 2013 | Uncategorized

Countercard image, classicIV

You search and search……why can’t you find Lunor online?  Simple answer:  contractual agreements.  Lunor doesn’t want to be easily found.  Lunor wants to be exclusive and elusive.  Lunor prefers that their admirers earn their pair of  eyeglasses, putting an effort into the purchase.  Lunor was somewhat unknown prior to the Steve Jobs bio that put the Lunor Classic Round in the forefront.  After his death, the “Steve Job’s frame” was the most sought after frame on a global scale.  Once the world got a taste of Lunor craftsmanship coupled with Lunor’s enduring style, their frames went unwillingly mainstream.  One thing Lunor does not want to be:  mainstream.  Stop by Blink Optical, our boutique in Lake Forest Illinois for a personalized introduction to the Midwest’s most comprehensive collection of the elusive Lunor collection.  Up close and personal, the preferred style of the preferred Lunor.

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