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Blink Optical | Setting Trends With Oakley

Jul 8, 2013 | Uncategorized


Here at Blink Optical we’re used to setting trends.  We offer our customers the latest in sunglass and eyeglass styles manufactured by the most exclusive designers.  This summer our latest crave is the Oakley Frogskin sunglass.  Bold colors combined with Oakley quality lenses, sprinkle in a little hipster style and you are IN in the latest trend.  Pictured above we have two swag moguls showing the masses an excellent example of proper Oakley wear.  Near and dear to our hearts, we’ll keep their identity under wraps…..we don’t want too many young ladies swarming the store.  However, if you’re looking for this summer’s it frame, look no further.  The Oakley Frogskin is available in an array of colors both in the store and online.  Stop by our shop in Lake Forest for a personalized introduction.

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