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Is That Brad Pitt Again? Yes, Wearing An ic! Berlin!

Jul 2, 2013 | Uncategorized

brad-pitt-icberlinIs that Brad Pitt again?  Yup.  He’s wearing an ic! Berlin if you’re wondering.  Brad Pitt has spent lots of time in the spotlight and much of that time he’s busy setting trends.  He’s got a lengthy movie credit list, a large family, and a ton of sunwear swagger.  He’s no stranger to Blink’s blog (I’m sure he’s a fan) and he never disappoints.  ic! Berlin is an innovative eyeglass and sunglass line designed and manufactured in Germany.  The style is apparent but the real appeal is in the design.  ic! Berlin constructs it’s eyeglass frames out of stainless steel.  They also forgot to add the screws and solder points……….on purpose!  ic! Berlin has a patented hinge that is held together by tension and a clip that ensures that your temple won’t break.  It might separate under duress, but it won’t break.  One wonders what attracted Brad to such a stylish pair of shades:  function or fashion?  Blink thinks that Brad wanted both and he shall have it.  Check out Blink Optical’s ample selection of ic! Berlin eyeglasses and ic! Berlin sunglasses.

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