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Anne Hathaway | Grandpa Style Eyeglasses

Jun 20, 2013 | Uncategorized


Anne Hathaway is gonna take your Grandpa’s style……..no, for real……….can Anne Hathaway have your Grandpa’s eyeglasses?  Too late, she apparently already has them.  The term “geek chic” is not new and the trend is intensifying.  Hathaway is taking it to an extreme in the picture above.  There are many optical options for celebs who want to don the latest eyewear trends but Blink Optical offers a few words of caution:  it is possible to overpower the chic with too much geek.  In Miss Hathaway’s case, she has over-geeked (a common term to describe a celeb who tried too hard and lost).  Blink recommends a step back and a step forward into the Face a Face Ebony 1 for Anne.  The Face a Face Ebony 1 is the right combination of geek and style.  The accentuated cat eye lends a retro feel while the brown to crystal color keeps the frame from looking too heavy.  The size is large but not too big and over-powering.  Blink Optical would love to explain this over coffee and truffles at our Lake Forest boutique.  Stop by for a personal geek-chic Face a Face make over.

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