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Mykita & Moncler Collection | Frosty Summer Mirrored Sun Lenses

Jun 18, 2013 | Uncategorized


Summer has crept up behind us again here in Chicago but we’ll keep cool with new Mykita & Moncler sunglasses (insert smile as you gaze upon the frosty beard pictured above).  Here at Blink Optical we are loath to discuss anything but our eyewear and sunwear prowess……unless, of course, you’d like to discuss the weather.  Our boutique is fairly typical for any upscale Chicago fashion mecca:  first, tell us how you feel about the current temperature and second, ask us about this season’s fashion trend.  This Summer, Blink has fallen in love with mirrored sun lenses!  There are just so many colors and intensities to choose from.  Luckily Mykita & Moncler have made it easy.  They have seamlessly combined their lightweight material Mylon with superior lenses to produce sunglasses inspired by 1950’s glacier goggles, hence the amazing Mykita & Moncler mirror.  You don’t have to wait for ski season to don these shades as they are just as fabulous on the streets as on the slopes.  Check out Blink Optical’s selection of Mykita eyeglasses and Mykita sunglasses all year round.

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