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View The Future Apple iOS 7 With Lunor Classic Round

Jun 14, 2013 | Uncategorized



Here we go again!  Apple is set to release it’s new software, the iOS 7, this Fall.  This new software touts easier use of apps and settings, a Siri make-over, more camera features, and much more.  Here at Blink Optical we are major iPhone fans as everyone who inhabits our boutique has an iPhone.  Are we hipsters?  Do we demand cutting-edge tech stuff?  No…..we’re just opticians with phone swagger.  Speaking of swagger, we’ d be amiss to not remind all our fans that Blink has an astounding selection of Lunor eyewear, including the Lunor Classic Round and the Lunor Classic Comfort Panto, the former being the frames preferred by the late Apple icon, Steve Jobs.  The later, the Lunor Classic Comfort Panto is a new release with thinner, more flexible titanium temples but keeps the classic saddle bridge and clean drill-mount appeal.  Contact Blink for more details on the Lunor eyewear collection.  Remember, if you choose to wear your new Lunor’s to camp out in front of the Apple store to get the next iPhone ask Blink about polycarbonate lenses.  They are light-weight enough to increase your speed and impact resistant for safety.

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