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Kanye West In Hot Water | Wears Oakley Frogskins

Jun 13, 2013 | Uncategorized


Looks like Kanye West is in hot water again.  Mr. West may or may not have stepped out on the very pregnant Kim Kardashian but at least he stepped out with protective sunwear.  Kanye is seen above in the iconic Oakley Frogskins.  This is one of Oakley’s most popular frames as it is virtually re-released every year in new colors and lens tints.  The Oakley Frogskins has a light-weight design and comes polarized, great to ward off the frenzy of paparazzi camera flashes.  The lenses are shatter-resistant, great if you are dodging objects thrown by an angry gal with pregnancy muscles.  The Oakley Frogskins are also available with mirror lenses to hide those lyin’ eyes.  Now, we know that the West/Kardashian duo HATE media attention so we at Blink sincerely hope that this all blows over soon and they can return to their private, low-key lifestyle.  Meanwhile, check out Blink Optical’s selection of Oakley eyeglasses and Oakley sunglasses.

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