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Bradley Cooper Rocks The Elusive Blue Tint

Jun 6, 2013 | Uncategorized


There are few celebrities who can successfully pull off the blue solid tint in their eyewear.  Most of the time, it translates as pretentious at best or creepy at it’s worst.  Bradley Cooper’s attempt, however, it great success!  The star of The Hangover and Silver Linings Playbook can act and dress himself.  First, Bradley chose a great frame style and shape for his face.  His eyeglasses fit him and his casual style.  The tint is the correct intensity.  Too dark and blue fades to a strange sunglass faux pas, too light and looks like it’s a mistake or a creepy prescription tint.  Again, Blink encourages you to seek the advice of a properly trained optician prior to jumping on this swagger bandwagon.  If done correctly (example above), the elusive solid blue tint can make a great fashion statement and widen the breadth of your eyeglass collection.  Check out the SUPER People in color 2T (available at Blink, of course) for a great example of the blue tint used properly for mere mortals.

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