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Memorial Day | Blink Optical

May 28, 2013 | Uncategorized


Usually Blink Optical blogs spotlight fashion, pop culture, and all things eyewear.  We enjoy finding and showcasing correlations between popular current events and trends in eyeglass and sunglass fashion.  This is a luxury, a luxury we appreciate.  It’s important to remember how we are afforded this luxury.  Everyone knows someone who is serving currently or has served in the military.  Sadly, many of us know someone who served and made the ultimate sacrifice, never coming home to friends and family.  It is important to remember these men and women and never forget what they have given up so we can can enjoy the simple things in our own lives.  It’s easy to remember on Memorial Day but try and remember them everyday and take any opportunity to show your gratitude.  On behalf of Blink Optical, we thank each and every brave man and woman serving our country in all aspects of military duty.

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