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Relections Of Alain Mikli

May 21, 2013 | Uncategorized


Here at Blink Optical, we appreciate a well-made pair of eyeglasses.  We recognize quality materials and appreciate innovating design.  Any optician worth their salt can comment on a “good” spring hinge and the heft of well-polished zyl.  One of our  favorites is Alain Mikli.  Mikli is renowned for his daring use of color.  He paved the way for the eyewear community to embrace the “matte” side of color.  Blink Optical is considered an Alain Mikli Pocket Shop.  What that means is that Blink Optical has access to the seriously exclusive Mikli.  The Mikli pieces that only a few accounts will have the pleasure of displaying on it’s shelves.  Blink earned this right by correcting positioning the collection and coupling these exquisite frames with the appropriate customer.  Visit Blink Optical or www.blinkoptic.com for a complete introduction to a truly thorough representation of Alain Mikli.

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