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What To Buy If You Win Powerball? Cartier Sunglasses, Of Course!

May 19, 2013 | Uncategorized


So you’ve beaten all the odds and have won the 2nd biggest lottery prize in history and now’s the time to purchase Cartier sunglasses.  Hundreds of million dollars are now yours to toss around.  Well, let me introduce you to Blink Optical!  Need some suggestions on the best way to handle your fortune?  Get an accountant.  Need some suggestions on getting yourself a little sunglass swagger?  Get Blink!  The only way to truly celebrate is to throw a huge party in your honor.  But what about the day after?  Eyes red and puffy?  You need a Cartier.  We suggest the Cartier T8200785 Eclipse Panther.  The brushed gold temples are sleek and the grey/rose tint is versatile enough to be worn all day long.  Contact Blink Optical, an authorized Cartier dealer, for all your Cartier needs.

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