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Kanye West | Did I Shutter? | Alain Mikli

May 16, 2013 | Uncategorized


Kanye West.  The man who once sang about “Gold Diggers” is now the daddy-to-be to the next Kardashian offspring.  Hmmm….smells slightly like irony to me.  All’s forgiven because Kanye’s style is forever hella tight.  Kanye is known for dressing dapper.  This swagger guru can pair a suit & tight with couture sneakers or a graphic tee with a pastel blazer, it all works!.  Most important, of course, is the eyewear.  Kanye likes to sport the Alain Mikli Shutter ShadesIt’s the optical equivalent to hiding in plain sight.  There are no sun lenses but these frames defiantly supplies some shade.  Alain Mikli has made his unique mark with quirky, whimsical eyewear and the Shutter Shade is no exception.  For additional Alain Mikli selections, check out Blink Optical for one of the largest selections of current releases.

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