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Popping Tags | Live Well & Buy SUPER at Blink Optical

May 13, 2013 | Uncategorized


So we’ve all seen the hilarious video for “Popping Tags“.  We’ve all turned up the radio and sang along to this catchy Macklemore/Lewis collaboration.  Truth is, we all pop tags.  Here at Blink Optical, well, we encourage it.  Before we proceed, we do not sell knee boards, broken keyboards, or fur capes.  We do not accept your Grandpa’s hand-me-downs.  Blink Optical is a optical boutique where people can cop serious eyewear and sunwear swag.  Want is steal (at Blink we mean buy) the dapper look you see above?  Check out Blink’s hot collection of SUPER.  It’s not your Grandpa’s style!

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