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Robert Downey Jr. | Iron Man 3 | Lunor 226

May 10, 2013 | Uncategorized

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No surprise that Iron Man 3 is a huge hit.  With stellar special effects and a talent-packed cast, how could it not be?  The real hero in this film is Robert Downey Jr.  He’s hysterical!  Me adds wit and believability to his character and allows us to truly identify with a super hero.  Enough about the movie.  Let’s talk about Downey’s fashion!  This guy definitely makes our “Dapper Don” list.  Downey is always impeccably dressed and has a serious eye for couture spectacles.  Want to steal this look?  Check out Blink Optical’s selection of Lunor, specifically the Lunor 226 color 17.  Lunor is handmade in Germany and constructed of high-quality, light-weight zyl.  If your want to truly exemplify the dapper Downey style make sure you request a 20% brown/rose tint on the lenses……..that’s hot.

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