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Here’s the Situation at Blink Optical

Oct 9, 2010 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Are you a Guido or a Guidette?  JerseyShore language has invaded my optical space.  Bevel Eyewear offers frames with names glorifying the tan, tattooed offspring of the MTV phenomenon show “JerseyShore”.  Whether you side with Snooky or Pauly D., you can’t deny the allure of watching a perpetual vodka soaked train-wreck peppered with fist pumps, f-bombs, and creepy late-night hookups.  We used to go the the carnival to see the unusual, now the unusual invites itself into our homes via pop-culture television.  It walks in, wipes hair gel everywhere, and eats left-over chicken out of your fridge after retuning from the club.  Can’t wait for next season!  Or Bevel Eyewear’s next release!  Stop in Blink Optical to see if you’re a Guido or Guidette.

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