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World Cup Soccer Eyewear

Jul 3, 2010 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Yuri, owner of Blink Optical, playing soccer

World Cup Soccer…….who is actually watching.  Yuri, owner of Blink Optical, is watching the games….. and talking about the games…….and critiquing the players…….and making predictions.  A player himself, Yuri enjoys recreational soccer when he’s not at Blink (as our loyal customers know, he’s always at the shop).  What kind of eyewear does Yuri recommend for sports, especially soccer.  “Polarized lenses in a wrapped frame for outdoor games.  Maui Jim offers a great selection of sports sunwear with polarized lenses.  Their lenses are also polycarbonate making them resistant to cracking.”  Blink Optical offers an array of non-prescription sunwear that would be appropriate for sports.  For soccer enthusiasts who require prescription eyeglasses, Yuri recommends a line of sports goggles called Recs Specs.  “You can customize them with your prescription, make them polarized or Transitions, and they come in all shapes and colors.”  Yuri especially recommends protective goggles for kids who play sports such as soccer.

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