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Wayfarer Evolution

Jun 26, 2010 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

This frame just can’t be stopped.  It keeps resurfacing, reminding us that today’s trends aren’t really new….just recycled with a new coat of paint.  No frame epitomizes this trend better than the Ray-Ban Wayfarer.  This frame originally debuted in 1952 and has ebbed and flowed ever since.  The Wayfarer is currently available in 6 different versions, the original Wayfarer available in no less than 25 different color combinations.  Though the 80’s revival of this frame can be traced back to a product placement deal signed in 1982 (putting the Wayfarer in no less than 60 movies and t.v. spots per year).  I blame the current resurgence on Hollywood thirty-something’s who needed eyewear to compliment their fedoras.  Follow my time-line, will you?

I think part of you knew this was going to end with a picture of Paris Hilton.

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