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Shamir Technology

Mar 16, 2010 | Uncategorized


When fitting a client with a progressive lens, the optician is responsible for a number of things.  One of which, is to be confident they are providing the best product available.  At Blink Optical, there is one manufacturer we always feel comfortable dispensing, Shamir.  There is a Shamir lens for every person, frame, and situation.  The Shamir Attitude™ lens is perfect for wrap frames, which comes in handy as most contemporary sunglasses have steeper base curves.  The Piccolo® lens is specifically designed with small, shallow frames in mind.  This allows clients to wear smaller frames without losing the benefits of progressive vision.  The Genesis™ is the workhorse of the group as the premium, all-purpose lens.  The Office™ lens is a specialty product also known as a computer lens, it is an ideal occupational lens for anyone who needs edge-to-edge, visibly distortion-free, near and intermediate vision.  Shamir has taken lens design a bit further with the Autograph® lens.  The Autograph® uses As-Worn Technology™.  This means that different measurements, specific to each person, are factored into the lens production, creating a custom lens for optimum viewing.  As you can see, Shamir has provided a solution for every presbyopic need.

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